The Engine

While most of these e-newsletters focus on service and those directly impacting the
customer or guest, let’s peek under the hood of your restaurant hot rod for a few tips about
the area that makes it go – the kitchen. After all, the main reason people come here is to

Too often, companies don’t realize little things which make a big difference in food
quality. All too often, new fries get mixed with old fries or equipment never gets a break
or gets cleaned or maintained. Here are a few key tips to WOW the customer via the back
of house:

o Sanitation and safety — your number one priority must be to serve safe food! Miss this
one and everything else doesn’t matter.

o Avoid cool spots on the grill — many grills have a 1″ cool zone around the edge — it’s
just not as hot as the rest of the grill. Cook products there and they’re either under-cooked
or need to cook longer which impacts service times.

o Rotate the grill — don’t cook items in the exact same spot. Allow the grill to get back to
the proper temperature by rotating where you are cooking items on the grill.

o Let fryers get back to temp — keep fries or other fried items going into the fryer nonstop?
Stop! Rotate your fryers so you allow the shortening to regain the proper
temperature so the items are cooked properly and fully in the right amount of time.

o Get low-ice indicators in your self-service beverage machines — if the customer gets
their own ice and drink, get with your beverage equipment provider so they can hook up a
light (or alarm) which notifies people behind the counter that the ice is low. Fix the issue
before a customer gets inconvenienced.

o Get a Restroom Attention light — many restaurants and convenience stores have a
switch in the restroom so a customer can turn it on and notify the employees (similar to the
ice light above) that the restroom needs attention. Yes, you’ll get pranked a few times, but
can you ever check the restroom too often?

Get out there and start your engines…