Ladies, is Your Man a “Stud” Or a “Dud” in the Bedroom?

Supposedly men hit their sexual peak at 18-years of age…

Supposedly women hit their sexual peak in their mid-30s.

Really, that’s not really logical or fair for women, now, is it? What can be done about this discrepancy? Let’s try to figure it out…

Men are like children. They have a short-attention span and they like to play with toys. Not just any kind of toy, but NEW toys, especially.

See, the problem with men is that they view their penis as a type of toy. Come puberty they start to realize the potential of this toy. When their late teens roll around, they are totally infatuated with it. Then, as time creeps by, they realize that there’s not much they can do to improve or change this toy. It’s like their old train set sitting in the closet. At first, it was the greatest and most wonderful thing to him; then, after time, it became boring, and now sits gathering dust and cobwebs. After all, how exciting is it to see the same train run around in the same oval track, over-and-over again?

See, with men, they want NEW toys — Toys that are fancy, sparkling, and the newest thing on the market; toys that are better than the toy the guy down the street has. But they are stuck with that old toy of theirs, called “Mr. Penis.” And men, while being a bit slow at realizing most things, unconsciously realize this fact. They realize that it’s not like they can go out and buy a new one, like a pair of golf clubs; or replace their engine, like they can in that Hot Rod in the garage. No. They gradually realize that their number-one toy is going to be the same for the rest of their lives…

So what happens?

They lose interest in this toy… Big surprise, there. It has little to do with the wondrous woman who makes their lives worth living. It’s just that short-attention span thing again; they just find other toys to play with in order to compensate for it. Get that boat, get that hot rod, watch that football game… Same old story. Or, even worse, some men seem to think that by parking their “toy” in their 18-year-old secretary’s garage is going to miraculously take them back to when they were 18-years old. Yes, a sad fact, to be sure. That might work for the first few oil changes, but after that, she will realize he’s even more of a sexual disappointment  then men her own age; and when it doesn’t work for him, well, he’ll just chalk it up to her being, “too inexperienced.”  Which is a sad reality.

Really, all men, deep down in their hearts, want to please the woman they love. They just need a real woman’s caring guidance, sincere interest, and loving assistance to get them back on track. Remember, kind ladies, you are really dealing with a man who, in most cases, has the needs of a child.

And women know this… So, they try to spice things up. You try to make things a little more exciting to get the ball rolling again. You try new things to bring that 18-year-old sexual peak back! It’s admirable, and these things certainly work for awhile… But, usually, it’s only a short-term response. Women are great at coming up with new ways to spice things up, as they are blessed with innate creativity and inventiveness; especially when it comes to keeping the family-flame alive.

But don’t blame yourselves or give up hope if things aren’t as exciting as they could be!

The truth is, once a man realizes he can supercharge and improve his penis (his favorite toy); then he becomes infused with a passion and an intensity to get the most out of that “new” toy, again.

He just has to realize that he can; and, of course, he has to learn how to do it.

There are many safe and natural methods that can take a man back to those early days of sexual animalism; those days when you couldn’t keep his hands off of you. It’s not you — It’s him! Help him learn how to take that old toy, laying in the corner of the attic or the basement, and start playing with it again. Help him realize the potential, happiness, and pleasure that toy can provide; to both you and him. After all, it’s one of the great things a couple can share together – The intimacy and closeness that brings them physically together.

Of course, most men seem to think they know everything. Another big surprise. But women have a knack for getting guys to do things they wouldn’t normally even contemplate. It’s one of the many mysterious gifts that women naturally have, that men can’t even possibly begin to comprehend…

A simple way to begin is by getting him to eat foods that are high in zinc. Zinc does wonders for the health and number of sperm. And if he’s creating lots of sperm, well, he’s going to have a strong desire to get rid of them…

If you’d like to help your man supercharge his sexual abilities, strengthen his stamina, and recharge his animal nature; then get him to read – IRON MAN PENIS – THE RUSSIAN SYSTEM.

Enjoy your day, ladies; good luck and God bless all of you.

Georg von Neumann

Put The Performance In Your Exhaust

Through the years, car exhaust systems have played a significant role in helping sporty cars achieve “hot rod” status. These “after market modifications” are heralded by auto enthusiasts everywhere who are seeking to achieve the highest performance levels possible with their cars. You can put the performance back into your vehicle by carefully choosing only the most select performance exhaust parts for your vehicle.

The 1973 movie classic, American Graffiti, underscored what people thought about their cars: we simply love them! Featuring a heralded battle between a souped up ’32 Ford Coupe and a sporty ’55 Chevy, the movie projected quintessential American values of fast cars, good looking girls ‘n guys, fast food, and lost love. The cars themselves screamed “pure hotrod” and it was in this tradition American car mania reached its zenith.

Since the muscle car era of the 1950s, 60s, and 70s changes have come about in the automobile industry where most cars can only dream about muscle car status. Environmental and safety regulations coupled with changing tastes have transformed the car market into one dominated by SUVs and boxy compacts. Fortunately, saner heads are prevailing and the newest mix of sporty cars on the road evoke many memories of the muscle car era.

So, how can you help your car achieve hot rod status? Well, unless it is already a sporty model, you have your work cut out for you. Nevertheless, current models including the latest rendition of the Pontiac GTO, the Corvette, Ford’s Mustang, the Dodge Viper, plus select offerings from Cadillac, as well as trucks and SUVs like the Hummer and F-250 are being outfitted with the likes of Borla mufflers and Flowmaster Exhaust systems. Indeed, to help enthusiasts achieve a “sports car feel” technological advances have brought about exhaust systems that have no bothersome resonance or drone, provide increased torque and horsepower, and give off a great performance sound. For their part, Corsa exhaust systems is a proven leader in helping performance exhaust systems become a reality on so many vehicles.

Naturally, when you plan any upgrade to your exhaust system you must take care not to disturb existing emissions control equipment, no matter how tempting that would be. Therefore a “cat-back” exhaust system is your best choice as it would allow you to put large-diameter exhaust pipes and low-restriction performance mufflers into your exhaust system without harming the catalytic converter. With this type of system installed you would be maintaining your car within legal limits while receiving more torque and horsepower, less exhaust backpressure, and a sportier sound.

Yes the original muscle car era is gone, but many of today’s cars can and will achieve muscle car status by carefully outfitting them with high performance exhaust systems and parts.