Festivals at the Beach – Ten Top Events For September, 2008

One of the great aspects of American life is the sheer number and variety of Festivals and Events held throughout the country. These festivals make it easy to combine a day at a fun event with a day at the beach.

Following are my Ten Top Festivals near the beach for September 2008. There are selections here for all four corners of the country along with a selection along one of the Great Lakes.

Bald is Beautiful Convention – Morehead City, NC

The Bald Headed Men of America which is an organization of 35,000 members from 50 states and 39 countries will be having their annual convention on September 13, 2008.

The 26 year old organization hosts clinics and gives awards in a variety of categories. Some of the ones that you may want to enter are the “Most Distinguished Bald Head” or the “Sexiest Bald Head”.

Morehead City is in Carteret County where the beaches are marvelous and the water sparkles like crystal.

If you are bald, know someone who is bald or just want to hit the beach, check out this annual event.


On September 18th the final show of the year will take place from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.
Historic cars, a historic road and the beach city setting of Encinitas make for a classic American event. The cars will be on display and live music will play in front of the Encinitas Smog on Hwy 101.

Encinitas is a Southern California classic beach town located in San Diego’s North County along the Pacific Ocean. When you think of the California beach lifestyle, you are thinking of Encinitas. Stop by and check out the beaches during the day and the cars in the evening.

The Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival – Los Angeles, CA

Held on September 19, 20 21, this is the world’s largest lobster festival. Held 20 minutes south of downtown L.A. this years festival will be flying in over 15 tons of fresh Maine lobster.

Events include a pet parade, pirate camp, magic shows and plenty of live music.

The festival is held in San Pedro near the water and there are plenty of great LA beaches to visit when you’re not soaking up the Lobster Festival activities.

La Jolla Rough Water Swim – La Jolla, CA

On September 7th, 2008 the 78th version of America’s premier Rough Water Swim will take place. Over 2,000 swimmers compete in a variety of divisions with races ranging from 250 yards for Juniors to 3 miles for the “Gators”. Last year swimmers ranged in age from 5 to 85.

This unique event is held right at the beach so you can certainly combine a trip to the great La Jolla and other San Diego beaches with attending the race.

Bizarre Bazaar – Hammond, IN

This unique event on Saturday September 20th offers a wide range of events including a custom car show, canine costume contest, a Symphony Orchestra concert, pie-baking contest and live rock-n-roll.

The event is held in downtown Hammond and is a great activity for adults, children and pets.

When you are in Hammond, visit the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. One of the great prides of the region, this impressive stretch of Lake Michigan shore includes beaches, sand dunes, bog, wetlands, woodland forests, even an 1830’s French Canadian homestead and a working 1900 era farm. The park spans the counties of Lake, Porter, and LaPorte and contains approximately 15,000 acres – 2,182 of which are located in the Indiana Dunes State Park

Hollywood Beach Clambake – Hollywood Beach, FL

The 7th Annual 3 day event takes place on September 26th – 28th. This free event is an all American celebration of seafood, live music and entertainment.

The event takes place on the oceanfront Broadwalk. In addition to the live music on 3 stages there will be plenty of other activities along with arts and crafts.

Hollywood Beach is located in sunny Florida between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Not only are there beautiful beaches right at the event but there are plenty of other beaches to visit when you’re not at the Clambake.

11th Annual Punta Gorda Sullivan Street Craft Festival – Punta Gorda, FL

On September 20th and 21st the charming city of Punta Gorda will host this festival. Located along the banks of the Peace River and the Gulf of Mexico, this is a beautiful Florida location.

Charlotte Harbor offers 129 square miles of sparkling water. The temperature of the Gulf water ranges from mid 60s to mid 80s, with soft, mild winds. Waves rarely reach a height of over two feet and roll gently onto the beach. You can often see pelicans, herons, egrets, cormorants, ibis and sea gulls strolling along the waterfront.

Blues at the Beach – Virginia Beach, VA

This free event is held from 9/12-14th at the Beachstreet Pavilion at 17th Street.

This oceanfront venue will come alive with one of the most cherished musical styles of all time. Local and National performers will show their soul and share the Blues.

A great feature of this free festival is the workshops that are offered on Saturday and Sunday and teach participants about the musical techniques involved in playing blues music.

Rod Run to the End of the World – Ocean Park, WA

The 25th Anniversary of this large Hot Rod and Classic Car event will be held on September 6th -7th.

The event is put on by the Beach Barons Car Club and does a great job of bringing hordes of car lovers to the Long Beach Peninsula.

Whenever you’re on the Peninsula you aren’t far from the beautiful coastline and whether you are driving a classic car or something a bit more modern, it’s a great excuse to take a drive along the beach.

Hampton Beach Seafood Festival – Hampton, NH

This event began in 1988 and will be held on September 5-7 this year. With plenty of seafood, live music, arts and crafts and other events this has been rated as “One of the Top 100 Events in North America” by the American Bus Association.

If you’re in New England and looking for a great weekend event where you can combine the activity of a festival along with a great beach location, check this outstanding event out.

All the Great Uses of a Mexican Blanket

The versatility of Mexican blankets, also known as Serape blankets, is endless. From hot rod seat protectors, to table clothes, to bedroom decor, one can find endless uses for them. Thinking of throwing a Mexican Fiesta party this summer? Well, consider the color accents in these blankets. They would spice up any buffet table. They would make the seating of a conversational nook by the outdoor fire more inviting. They would look great hung diagonally on the wall in your dining room. Mexican restaurants have used blankets for multiple uses when decorating and you too can make a Fiesta party more authentic with a serape made in Mexico, just like the restaurants. They really do make a Fiesta party or casual Mexican food dinner more festive and authentic.

Wanting to have a sturdy blanket to keep in your car for those impromptu picnics in the park? Well, a these blankets are the perfect fit. They are durable, tightly woven, and colorful. They wear dirt and grass stains well and are easy to wash in your household washing machine.

Thinking of a way to protect your wearing leather/cloth car seats from scratches and holes, dog hair, and kid’s spills? Think no further. Serape blankets are durable, affordable, and colorful and have been used for decades as car seat covers, particularly in hot rod cars. With many available colors, you can match the Mexican blanket to your car’s exterior color.

Thinking of revamping your monotone, boring house? Consider using a blanket as fabric for curtains, throw pillows, or as a bedspread. Make your living area bright and happy is easy with the lively colors in Mexican blankets. Dining room chairs with fabric cushions often get dirty spills from dinner parties. And somehow they always are available in the most unhelpful, light, and stain showing colors. Using just one X-Large Mexican blanket can cover numerous dining room chairs and creates a look that is fun while at the same time hides those inevitable spills from dinner well because of the variation in the blanket colors.

Looking for a new craft project? Wanting to make a cloth purse or satchel? Or maybe you want to make an apron for barbequing? Consider Mexican blankets as your material source. Aprons are generally so girly in nature and one made out of a Mexican blanket would make any man feel more confident grilling for the party.

The Ultimate Sport: Drag Racing

People participate in thrilling sports for the incredible experience of the adrenaline rush. The exhibition of two 6000 horse power, 2 second cars, racing down a single track, with no other goal but to reach the end first, everything else insignificant… that is drag racing, the ultimate adventure sport.

Drag racing is an ultimate sport and in order to appreciate it in all its glory, you need to know the basics. The car race is typically a quarter mile, but may be longer. The drag racers compete one on one through the competition, until there is one final winner.

Before each race, the drivers are allowed to perform a burnout to increase traction. They spin the wheels of the car, creating a lot of smoke due to friction. This is done to increase the temperature of the drag racing tires, in order to increase the efficiency.

An electronic system called a ‘Christmas tree’ is used to start the race. There are three main parts of the tree; at the top there are two sets of yellow bulbs for each driver. These are called the pre-stage bulbs. These indicate that the driver is near the starting lane. Then come the second set or ‘stage’ bulbs, which indicate that he is actually on the starting line. Then come three amber starting signals followed by green. If the driver leaves before the green light, a red light comes on, and this is a foul. Once the race starts smoothly, it is basically a test of speed to see who reaches the finish line first.

National Hot Rod Association provides two main types of racing; heads up and handicap. Heads up is a simple race and the winner is the driver who reaches the finish line first. In handicap racing, you predict how many seconds it will take to finish the race and then run as close to that number without going faster. The driver who manages to come the closest to the predicted time is declared the winner.

Drag racing is the leading sport in terms of providing value for money. Drag racing fans include many interesting demographic characteristics. More than 90% visit fast food and sit-down restaurants every month. One third fans are likely to drink beer, while another third opts for regular beverages. These fans include more Latinos and Black-Americans in comparison to other similar sports. A high percentage, 98% feels positive towards the sponsors. National Hot Rod Association has the largest number of participants in comparison to any other sport, making it the biggest professional motor-sport organization globally.

If you are interested in drag racing as a sport or hobby research the type of car you want and then buy a car online according to those specifications.